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ICBC Claim Procedure

A better, more affordable ICBC

All patients from motor vehicles accidents that have an approved ICBC claim can receive up to 25 physiotherapy sessions without even having a doctors note. Physiotherapy treatment at Prana Physiotherapy is fully funded by ICBC (we do direct billing) and clients do not pay any fees.

Changes to invoicing & reporting

ICBC has simplified the way you request and invoice for treatment through our new web-based application, also known as the Health Care Provider Invoicing and Reporting (HCPIR) application. In order to use the HCPIR, a vendor number is required. If you have been paid by ICBC before, you likely already have a vendor number. To find out how to locate your vendor number..

Treatment guidelines

Physiotherapists are expected to assess patients and determine their treatment plans in accordance with practice standards, using evidence-informed practice when establishing a diagnosis and providing treatments. A health care practitioner must educate the patient with respect to the following:

(1) (a) if applicable, the desirability of an early return:
a. to the activities the patient could perform before the injury, or
b. to the patient's employment, occupation or profession or the patient's training or education in a program or course;
(b) an estimate of the probable length of time that symptoms will last;

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